About FCMB Bank (UK) Limited

FCMB Bank (UK) Limited (“FCMB UK ”) is an independently incorporated, wholly-owned subsidiary of First City Monument Bank Ltd (“FCMB”), a member of the FCMB Group PLC, a leading financial services group based in Nigeria.

FCMB Group Plc (“Group”) was formed as a non-operating holding company for the existing group entities in June 2013 and was listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE). This followed the issuance of Regulation 3 by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) in 2010, which required banks to divest their non-Banking businesses or retain them under a CBN-approved financial group structure.

FCMB Bank (UK) Limited began operations in September 2009 with its CSL Stockbrokers division providing the services of “receiving and transmitting” institutional client orders for Nigerian listed securities. CSL Stockbrokers later evolved in 2019 to become CSL Capital UK, a sister company to FCMB UK, registered and authorised by the FCA in the United Kingdom.

Since 2009 FCMB Bank (UK) Limited has grown, becoming a wholesale bank in 2013,  offering a wide range of products including foreign exchange, treasury, corporate banking and trade finance services to corporate and institutional customers.

In 2018,  the Bank obtained its retail licence, expanding its offering to include Personal and Business Banking, providing first-rate  banking services to High Net Worth Individuals and Business Enterprises.

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Our Strategy

Purpose: To foster inclusive and sustainable growth in the communities we serve by helping people and businesses prosper beyond Nigeria. We do this by building a supportive ecosystem aligned with our Group’s African roots that connects people, capital and markets.

Vision: The UK’s leading digitally-enabled transaction bank facilitating finance flows for sub-Saharan Africa (By 2030)

Mission: Empower people, capital and markets to confidently connect with Africa.

Positioning: The trusted platform for your cross-border financial needs.

Our ‘EPIC’ Values:


  • We set clear goals and priorities
  • We vigorously follow through on their attainment
  • We remove barriers to effectiveness
  • We have the right people in leadership roles


  • We play by the rules
  • We uphold integrity
  • We pursue personal development and learning (e-learning)
  • We treat colleagues and customers fairly


  • We innovate to solve customer problems
  • We innovate to reach new customers profitably
  • We measure, report to the Board and reward innovation performance
  • We dedicate people, processes and capital towards innovation


  • The voice of the customer drives our actions and initiatives
  • We are proactive towards our customers’ needs
  • We strive to save customers’ time and increase their prosperity

Core Areas of Expertise

London Leverage… Africa Awareness…

As one of the major financial centres of the world, London is an important location for international finance. It is a leading investment destination hosting more international retailers and ultra-high net worth individuals than any other city. London’s universities form the largest concentration of higher education institutions in Europe.

FCMB Bank (UK) Limited is located in the heart of the City, London’s historic financial district. We operate out of one of the two financial districts of London, the City of London.

As an internationally-focused UK bank with Africa in our DNA, we are optimistically aware of the huge potential of Africans and their economies, and of our role in linking people and markets globally.

We are committed to providing you with first-rate banking services customised to your specific needs at the level of professionalism you would expect from a UK regulated bank.

With our London Leverage and Africa Awareness we look forward to being of service to you.

To discuss your banking needs kindly contact us by sending an e mail to info@fcmbuk.com or by calling us on telephone number +44 (0) 207 220 1000. Alternatively, please contact one of our expert teams directly.



FCMB Bank (UK) Limited begins operations.


The Bank commenced wholesale deposit taking activities.


The Bank wins Finance Monthly Global Awards 2017 for Trade Finance Firm of the year

October 2018

The Bank wins Finance Monthly Global Awards 2018 for Trade Finance Firm of the year for the second consecutive year.

July 2019

Won GTR Award for Best Trade Bank in Ghana

November 2019

Awarded Best Trade Finance Firm by the Finance Monthly Global Awards.

April 2020

Won GTR Award for Best Trade Bank in Ghana.

November 2021

Awarded Best Trade Finance Firm by the Finance Monthly Global Awards March 2022 – Nominated for Best Trade Finance Bank in West Africa GTR Award

Board Members


Executive Team



Our Staff

One Team… Delivering

  • To achieve high levels of customer satisfaction while delivering a sustainable, profitable business with integrity, honesty, and respect.

  • Please click here to view our Customer Charter and Standards document. 

    The Board of FCMB Bank (UK) Limited (‘FCMB UK’, ‘the Bank’) is committed to achieving long term success for the bank and remains committed to institutionalising corporate governance principles and practices in proportion to its size and nature of business. FCMB UK adopts the Financial Reporting Council’s Corporate Governance Code in its governance arrangements.

    Role and Responsibility of our Board of Directors
    The setting of the corporate strategy is core to the responsibilities of the Board and is owned by the Board as a whole. However, as recognised in the PRA rules for Senior Managers and Certification Regime (SM&CR), our Chairman and Chief Executive have leading individual roles to play in the Board’s development and maintenance of the firm’s business model. These roles include giving the Non ­E-xecutives Directors the time and opportunity to contribute to the development of the strategy, and to provide appropriate challenge.

    The Bank’s Business Strategy is supported by a well-articulated and measurable statement of risk appetite which is readily understood by employees throughout our business. The statement is approved and owned by the Board in line with the business strategy. It is actively used by the Board and management (including the risk function) to monitor and control actual and prospective risks and to inform key business decisions. The Board Risk and Compliance Committee (BRCC), assisted by the Chief Risk Officer (CRO) actively oversee risks according to the risk appetite. The bank has in place a Risk Management Framework which flows from the Board’s risk appetite. The effectiveness of the risk control framework is kept actively under review and remains aligned with the Board’s risk appetite and ensures that the Board is provided with the management information it needs.

    The Bank has established a dedicated BRCC and its Chairman is responsible for safeguarding the independence, and overseeing the performance of, the bank’s executive risk function, including the Chief Risk Officer (CRO). The BRCC also has the oversight of other control functions, such as Compliance.

    Legal Responsibilities of our Executive and Non-Executive Directors
    Our company directors owe both fiduciary and general duties of reasonable care, skill and diligence to the Bank. As a whole, our Executive Directors (EDs) and Non-Executive Directors (NEDs) share similar responsibilities and are subject to similar constraints under English Law.

    Board Committees
    To assist the Board in carrying out its functions and to provide independent oversight of the internal control and risk management framework, a substantial part of the Board’s responsibilities is delegated to the Board’s committees such as the Board Audit Committee (BAC) and Board Risk and Compliance Committee (BRRC), Remunerations and People Committee (REMCO) and Board Credit Committee.
    Each of the Committees are chaired by an experienced Chair and their membership comprises of Non-Executive Directors only. The Board is kept up to date on the activities of the committees through reports from the Committee Chairman at each Board meeting. The committees are accountable to the Board, and do not relieve the Board of any of its responsibilities.

    Senior Independent Director
    SIDs are equally adopted in the Banks board arrangement and serve as a sounding board for the Chair and act as an intermediary for other directors. The SID is responsible for holding annual meetings with non-executives, without the Chair present, to appraise the Chair’s performance. They would also be expected to meet with the non-executives on other such occasions as necessary.

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  • Please click here to view our Anti-Slavery Human Trafficking Policy Statement.

  • Click here to view our Statement of Commitment to the UK Money Markets code.

  • Our PSD2/Openbanking information can be found here.

News and Updates

Farewell to Patriach and Founder of FCMB Otunba Micheal Olasubomi Balogun,Con. 150 150 FCMB Bank (UK) Limited

Farewell to Patriach and Founder of FCMB Otunba Micheal Olasubomi Balogun,Con.

With a heavy heart we announce the passing of our patriach and founder of FCMB, Otunba Micheal Olasubomi Balogun,Con.…

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The Bank seeks to employ talented individuals whose creativity and imagination will support and contribute to achieving the Bank’s business objectives.  We also welcome enquiries from school and college leavers as well as under- and post-graduates seeking internship opportunities. We value diversity and assure equal employment opportunity and a workplace where relationships are based on mutual respect. We treat all our employees in a professional, non-discriminatory manner, providing safe, effective working conditions and competitive terms and conditions in our workplace.

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